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Legally Comics

Comics are intellectual property; it has commercial as well as aesthetic and entertainment value the moment it is created.

This session will discuss the utterly necessary need for comics creators to deal with legal issues in comics: copyright, contracts between creator and publisher, contracts between artist and writer, work for hire agreements, international rights sales, public appearances and more.


Queenie Chan was born in 1980 in Hong Kong, and migrated to Australia when she was six years old. In 2004, she began drawing a 3-volume mystery-horror series called The Dreaming for LA-based manga publisher TOKYOPOP. To date, it has been translated into multiple languages. She has since collaborated on several single-volume graphic novels with best-selling author Dean Koontz for his Odd Thomas series of novels. In 2012, she worked with author Kylie Chan on the comics-prose book Small Shen a prequel to the best-selling White Tiger fantasy series.

She is currently working on book three of Fabled Kingdom, a fairy-tale inspired fantasy story. It will be released in December 2016.


Jason Franks is a comics writer and novelist from Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of The Sixsmiths, Left Hand Path, McBlack, and the collection Ungenred.

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Bruce Mutard has been writing and drawing comics for 26 years, producing 4 graphic novels: The Sacrifice (Allen & Unwin, 2008), The Silence (Allen & Unwin, 2009), A Mind of Love (Black House Comics, 2011), The Bunker (Image Comics, 2003) and a collection of short stories, Stripshow (Milk Shadow Books, 2012).

He also has had short stories in Overland, Meanjin, The Australian Book Review, Cordite and Tango among others, and has illustrated several books for Macmillan Education’s Stories From Australia’s History, series. He has completed a research Masters by exhibition on what it means to ‘write with pictures’ at Monash University.

He is currently at work on his next graphic novel, along with many other projects to raise the awareness and profile of comics in Australia and overseas.

Event Details

Date: 20 February 2016

Start time: 11:30

End time: 12:45

Venue: Room 6