Essence of a Panel


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Essence of a Panel

Empathetic characters, acting and illustration considerations

You are the director. Your characters are your actors. Before a character utters a word in a speech balloon, your panel must convey the story visually. The importance of character considerations in writing/development of that story, and the visual representation of that character (from thumbnails and design to finished panel) are paramount to creating the empathy felt by the reader. Dynamic poses, how choices and structure conveys character, where to use subtle acting/poses, the importance of referencing, and how character relates to cinematic storytelling and the visual grammar of comics.

The aim of this workshop is to give attendees a better understanding of how to plan compositions in relation to character, who their characters are, and how to “show” and not just “tell” how a character is feeling.

The outcomes from this workshop will be to assist aspiring and developing pencillers/illustrators in telling stories visually, and also assist writers to understand story from a visual sense, particularly when approaching script in relation to character and conflict.

Presenter: PAUL MASON

Dr. Paul Mason (DVA) is a comic book illustrator/writer, and sessional lecturer in drawing, visual storytelling and sequential art at the Griffith Film school, Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University.

Paul is creator of The Soldier Legacy; an Australian action-adventure comic book /trade paperback series, published by Black House Comics for several years. He has been published in titles such as the newsagent comic series Dark Detective: Sherlock Holmes, the Cthulhu: Deep Down Under anthology, Supanova Expo’s Tides of Hope, ComicOZ’s Oi Oi Oi #4 and anthology book Australia!, and the US release of The New Adventures of The Human Fly #1, based on the 1970’s Marvel Comics character, and real life masked stuntman. Paul is currently working in collaboration on an upcoming graphic novel for Gestalt.

Paul also teaches comic book workshops and seminars for children, teens and young adults. He has conducted classes for the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane Square Library, Toowoomba Regional Library, The Grove Library in Perth, WA. He also co-hosts an all-inclusive Monthly Comic Book Meetup group for Brisbane Square Library, which has been running since late 2014.

Event Details

Date: 20 February 2016

Start time: 09:00

End time: 11:00

Venue: Room 5


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