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Comics in Libraries

Graphic novels are one of the most well used resources in libraries today, and interest is growing, with an increasing number of libraries now holding popular comics events.

Alex and Karen will talk about how to develop a graphic novel collection for a library, and how creators can effectively promote their works to libraries and see their books on library shelves.


Karen is a Librarian at Ashfield Library located in Sydney’s Inner-West, and has an interest and passion for graphic novels. Karen has developed significant children’s, youth and adult graphic novel collections over the past 10 years for the Library, and is most proud of the extensive resources she has sourced for the Adult Graphic Novel Genre Room, a key collection in the Library.

Karen organized the first Comic Con-versation (CCV) event in 2014 at Ashfield Library, to promote the library’s growing comic-related collections. CCV14 was an evening of workshops, music, food, wine, and an artists’ alley held in the Library. She made strong connections with the comics community, and broadened the festival in 2015 with events across six Sydney Libraries, who worked together to host a week-long celebration of all things comics, with exhibitions, workshops, artists alleys and more. Currently in the planning stages, CCV16 sees more libraries joining from across the Sydney region. The aim of CCV is to promote the works of the local comics community, and highlight the graphic novel collections held in libraries. Karen has a particular interest in purchasing graphic novels from local creators, and ensuring these works are available for loan in libraries.


Alex Hammond is a young, christian, female comic creator who enjoys writing fantasy and all-ages comics. She founded Sydney Comics Guild four years ago, who focus on learning about comic creation and production as well as making friends with fellow local comic creators.

Alex is a librarian in training studying a Masters at UTS and working alongside Karen Dwarte to help with Comic Con-versation, a library based comic con.


Event Details

Date: 20 February 2016

Start time: 14:30

End time: 16:00

Venue: Room 2


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